Pumpkin Recipes

Tis the official beginning of the season when we tend to crave all things pumpkin… pumpkin lattes, pumpkin blizzards, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, etc… 🙂  Those are all sweet pumpkin treats, but did you know that pumpkin is delicious in soups, stews and chili’s as well!
I’m here to help you get your pumpkin fix, and I couldn’t pick a favorite from these recipes if I tried, because they are all delicious!
pumpkin recipes, Pumpkin Recipes, Joyful HomemakingFor each recipe, just click on the photo or link!

pumpkin recipes, Pumpkin Recipes, Joyful Homemaking

This Moist Pumpkin Cake is so wonderful, and perfect if you’re having some special company over, because it’s lightly sweet, moist and dense, without being heavy, and makes your house smell wonderful when it’s baking! It also looks beautiful when baked in a bundt pan, like I did for this post.

pumpkin recipes, Pumpkin Recipes, Joyful Homemaking

These scrumptious Pumpkin Doughnuts are so easy because they start with canned biscuits,
quickly fried, and then covered with an amazing pumpkin glaze.
These literally melt in your mouth!

pumpkin recipes, Pumpkin Recipes, Joyful HomemakingWhoever thought up putting pumpkin in chili?  I have to say though,
when I made this Crockpot Pumpkin Chili,
I was pleasantly surprised by how rich and hearty it makes the chili,
and it gives it a shot of vitamin A to boost.
It’s a nice recipe to put in the crockpot before church,
and when you get home, you have a nice hot lunch waiting!

pumpkin recipes, Pumpkin Recipes, Joyful HomemakingPumpkin pancakes are luscious enough to be a dessert, but if you want to make your breakfast or dinner pancakes a little heartier, and possibly healthier, add some pumpkin!

pumpkin recipes, Pumpkin Recipes, Joyful Homemaking

These Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes may just be my favorite cupcake!  This recipe is super easy because it starts with a spice cake mix, but then you add canned pumpkin, and the combo is amazing!  Perfect for this time of year, with a steaming cup of coffee or tea.

pumpkin recipes, Pumpkin Recipes, Joyful HomemakingThis Pumpkin Pie with a Shortbread Crust is a delicious way to make pumpkin pie for a crowd, because it serves 15-18 people, and you’re not going to get that many servings, unless you make at least 2 traditional pumpkin pies! Plus the shortbread is a yummy alternative to a regular pie crust.

pumpkin recipes, Pumpkin Recipes, Joyful HomemakingIf you’re looking for a crunchy, lightly sweet, amazing snack, you have to try these Pumpkin Pie Spiced and Sugared Nuts!  I can’t say for sure which is better, the pumpkin pie spice or the sugar, because they make such a good combination, that these are very hard to stop munching on, once you start!  😛

Happy Autumn!




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