Delicious Dinner Ideas

Some call it the “witching hour,” and it may be 4 o’clock for you, or 5 or 6, but whenever it is, I’m referring to the “hour before dinner” when everything in the day seems to come to a crescendo, and the kids, the house and the noise and the clutter…everything seems to take more effort, and guess what, you have to make dinner.  Not just any dinner, but one that your meat loving husband, picky child, and newly vegetarian daughter will eat…
Well… I can’t help on all those fronts, but I can give you some delicious dinner ideas that will get you started.

Planning a menu ahead of time, and grocery shopping for those meal ingredients, so that you have everything you need on hand to make a tempting dinner, when that “witching hour” rolls around, will make your week that much easier!

Be sure to check out my free printable’s page for some menu planning and grocery shopping list printables to help you plan!

Now here are some delicious dinner ideas to help you this week:

dinner ideas, Delicious Dinner Ideas, Joyful HomemakingChicken Noodle Casserole with your favorite vegetable
Grocery list:  Chicken breasts, cream of chicken soup, spaghetti, breadcrumbs and milk
If you love chicken noodle soup, this is an even heartier, creamier recipe to try with lots more noodles!

dinner ideas, Delicious Dinner Ideas, Joyful HomemakingChicken Nachos
Grocery list: Cooked chicken breasts or rotisserie chicken, tortilla chips, Cheddar cheese, black beans, tomatoes, green onions, taco seasoning, salsa and sour cream

dinner ideas, Delicious Dinner Ideas, Joyful Homemaking

Taco Pasta
Grocery list:  Spaghetti, ground beef or turkey, onion, taco seasoning, corn, Cheddar cheese, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes and tortilla chips
I definitely hope you will try this recipe, it’s such a delicious combination of two family favorite dinner ideas: pasta and tacos!

dinner ideas, Delicious Dinner Ideas, Joyful Homemaking

Taco Dip Casserole–Serve with Tortilla Chips
Grocery list:  Ground beef, cream cheese, sour cream, taco seasoning, tomato sauce, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onion

dinner ideas, Delicious Dinner Ideas, Joyful Homemaking

Easy Fish Tacos
Grocery list: Fish fillets, tortillas, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, Chipotle dressing, sour cream, lime juice, cilantro and salsa
Feel free to substitute your favorite mild white fish in this recipe, and there are so many optional ingredients to try with these, like pineapple, shredded cabbage, tartar sauce, hot sauce, avocados or beans, etc…

dinner ideas, Delicious Dinner Ideas, Joyful Homemaking

Southwestern Black Bean Salad
Grocery list:  Black beans, corn, peppers, onion, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, light olive oil, garlic and limes
This isn’t just a great dinner idea, it’s also delicious for a lunch or brunch buffet!

dinner ideas, Delicious Dinner Ideas, Joyful Homemaking

My dessert choice for this week is this absolutely scrumptious Blueberry Coffee Cake.

Click on the links below for breakfast and lunch inspiration:

Breakfast ideas

Lunch ideas

For TONS more dinner ideas, click here.

Have a great week!

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  1. I happened to read this blog post during the witching hour and I am STARVING!! Lol!

    Great suggestions and they all looked wonderfully delicious!

    Thanks for sharing!

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